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Careers at Salam International

SIIL and its subsidiaries are always looking for new talent in various disciplines and specialties. We are committed to provide our employees with an optimal work environment that enables them to be creative, productive and empowered.

SIIL’s Human Resources Department drives various strategic initiatives that set the standard systems and procedures that are designed to retain, attract and develop the talent pool that is capable of realizing the corporate strategy of SIIL.

The talent we are seeking is concentrated in multiple disciplines as follows:

  1. Construction & Development Sector
  2. Energy & Industry Sector
  3. Technology & Communications Sector
  4. Luxury & Consumer Products Sector
  5. Investments & Real Estate Sector

If you are interested in joining the SIIL team, kindly submit your CV below. We strongly advise that you visit the profile of the different SIIL business units and indicate either the sector or the business unit that would avail of your expertise.

Your submitted CV will be classified and added to our recruiting database for one year. During this time, depending on available job vacancies, only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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